March Birthstone Necklace ~ Aquamarine


Our latest collection THE BIRTHSTONE SERIES celebrates the myriad expressions that represent us.  Our signature molten gold encases a precious, raw cut gemstone, that can be worn alone or layered with your other favourite Carou pieces.

Each birthstone acts as a symbol of the unique tapestry of traits and experiences that tell your story.  Hold it close to your heart and let it guide you on your journey.

Materials: Gold Vermeil (24K gold plated sterling silver) 

Necklace Length: 40cm + 10cm adjustable extension chain



January - Garnet (Determined, Ambitious, Headstrong)

February - Amethyst (Creative, Open-minded, Emotional)

March - Aquamarine (Empathetic, Intuitive, Dreamer) 

April - Herkima (Dynamic, Energetic, Impulsive)

May - Emerald (Responsible, Loyal, Practical)

June - Moonstone (Adaptable, Social, Open-hearted)

July - Ruby (Instinctive, Sympathetic, Kind)

August - Peridot (Confident, Strong, Charismatic)

September - Sapphire (Analytical, Ambitious, Determined)

October - Pink Tourmaline (Harmonious, Balanced, Calm)

November - Citrine (Curious, passionate, wistful)

December - Tanzanite (Adventurous, Optimistic, Generous)

***Each stone is a raw cut gemstone and completely unique and irregular in shape, size and colour. Rough cut gems have a natural, matt finish and tend to be darker in colour than polished stones.

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