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Night Birds, in Moss Green

Our new collection, The Starry Messenger, explores celestial discoveries and the thousands of stars that light up the skies night after night. It is a love letter to those enchanting beacons, shining so brightly into our world, but existing in another.  We begin a journey of self-discovery, embracing the light, and getting to know our shadows.  

Our Night Birds, In Moss Green necklace is hand set with a Dark Moss Agate stone and engraved with molten markings. Dark Moss Agate is known to encourage tranquility and emotional balance. This beautiful stone is very deep in colour, looking dark green or black in certain lights.

Every Carou order is carefully and professionally gift wrapped. 

Pendant Measurements: 34mm x 12mm.

Materials: 24K gold plated brass.

Chain Length: 41cm with a 10cm extension chain.

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