Carou jewellery is made from a combination of Brass and Sterling Silver and is plated in either 14k or 24K Gold. To ensure the longevity of plated jewellery please do not expose to water.  Please remove your jewellery while exercising, bathing, showering and swimming.  We recommend applying perfumes and hair spray prior to putting on your jewellery.  Plated jewellery can tarnish over time. To prolong its life, we recommend keeping water, cosmetics, moisturisers and perfumes away from the jewellery.


All of the stones used are natural gemstones which means each stone is unique and often irregular in shape, size and colour. This enhances the beauty and makes them unique for each wearer. Our stones are sourced from Brazil and are ethically mined. We are very engaged in being as responsible as we can with nature. We never forget we need to take good care of her, as she is the one that provides us all the beautiful stones we work with. We only work with licensed mines, that extract the stones with responsibility and with the approval of the Brazilian Environmental Ministry.  Stones must be handled with care to avoid damage and cannot be used with commercial cleaning agents or ultrasonic devices.


To keep your enamel looking new and vibrant please keep it away from lotions, shampoos and cleansers. Never clean enamel in ultrasonic devices or with ammonia based cleaners. Wipe clean with a damp gentle cloth only. Please take care not to drop your enamel pieces as this can cause chips or crack in the enamel. 


Our jewellery ships in 100% recycled/recyclable packaging. We strongly recommend utilizing the supplied jewellery pouches for travelling to minimize scratching and wear on your pieces.