Environmental And Social Responsibility
Carou designs are directly inspired by the natural world and the unique experiences found exploring vast, rugged landscapes. With this in mind, we are intrinsically bound by sustainability and nurturing the natural resources we have at our disposal. Our mission is to preserve and showcase nature as sensitively and beautifully as we can through the medium of jewellery.

Resource Library

Carou uses a range of gem stones; aura geode, amethysts and natural shells.

Our stones are sourced from Brazil and are ethically mined. We are very engaged in being as responsible as we can with nature. We never forget we need to take good care of her, as she is the one that provides us all the beautiful stones we work with. We only work with licensed mines, that extract the stones with responsibility and with the approval of the Brazilian Environmental Ministry.

Our base metals used in our designs, including brass are all recycled and recyclable.
Recycled Packaging

All our packaging has been developed with recycled materials. We have ensured that almost every component used is in its second phase - having been through a recycled process. Our business cards are made out of Cotton, made of 100% recycled T-shirts.

Our jewellery boxes are all made out of recycled card and paper and are also completely recyclable.

Our Linen jewellery pouches are made from flax plant fibers and are biodegradable.

Our packing material is supplied by a San Francisco specialist using 100% curbside-recyclable insulation. The material is made from recycled bottles and is a truly closed-loop initiative.
Supply Chain

At Carou, we understand the process of jewellery making can be both labour and environmentally intensive. We have tried to combat this by using locally manufactured products. We have developed a local team of artisans based on the West Coast of America.

We limit the number of designs created to utilize the smallest footprint possible. Many designs are made to order and all are handmade.