Carou is a jewellery collaboration obsessed with beautiful things, lost treasures and matters of the heart. We design modern jewellery inspired by travel and adventure, by far-flung lands and earthly souvenirs. We are inspired by nature and mysteries of the world. By romance and relics and a sense of discovery. We love the nuances and imperfections that give everything its own story to tell. It is these fleeting moments when the heart beats faster, surrounded by the beauty of the world, that inspire our pieces. From stretching salt lakes of Southern Australia to the unforgiving wilderness of Joshua Tree. From the crumbling walls of St Dunstans in the East in London, to the climbing ivy that is slowly reclaiming it back to nature. We are driven to create pieces that are hard to find, to be worn with a wild heart. We hope each wearer unearths their own meaning in our jewellery, with their pieces becoming objects of ephemera over time. 




Carou was founded by jewellery designer Cari Rou, who spends her time between California, Sydney and London. With a yearning for unknown places, she left her native London in 2012 and has since spent her time living and working all over the world. Cari cut her teeth working at several fashion brands in London, such as Burberry Prorsum, Nicole Farhi and Betty Jackson. She continues to consult in the industry whilst exploring the world around her. 




The Carou woman is grounded, feminine and individual. Every Carou design is handcrafted in limited numbers, and is for the woman wanting a unique piece that represents her. Curious by heart and connected by nature, she is a nomadic professional who values creativity, luxury and sustainability.