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February Birthstone Earrings ~ Amethyst


Our latest collection THE BIRTHSTONE SERIES celebrates the myriad expressions that represent us.  These earrings feature precious, raw cut gemstones and intricately detailed hoops with snap fastening closure.

Each birthstone represents the unique tapestry of traits and experiences that tell your story.  Hold them close and let them guide you on your journey.

Materials: Gold Vermeil (24K gold plated sterling silver) 

Earring Fastening: Post snap fastening for pierced ears

Weight: Each individual earring weighs 5g



January - Garnet (Determined, Ambitious, Headstrong)

February - Amethyst (Creative, Open-minded, Emotional)

March - Aquamarine (Empathetic, Intuitive, Dreamer) 

April - Herkima (Dynamic, Energetic, Impulsive)

May - Emerald (Responsible, Loyal, Practical)

June - Moonstone (Adaptable, Social, Open-hearted)

July - Ruby (Instinctive, Sympathetic, Kind)

August - Peridot (Confident, Strong, Charismatic)

September - Sapphire (Analytical, Ambitious, Determined)

October - Pink Tourmaline (Harmonious, Balanced, Calm)

November - Citrine (Curious, Passionate, Wistful)

December - Tanzanite (Adventurous, Optimistic, Generous)

***Each stone is a raw cut gemstone and completely unique and irregular in shape, size and colour. Rough cut gems have a natural, matt finish and tend to be darker in colour than polished stones.

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