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Pool of a Thousand Colours

Our new collection, The Starry Messenger, explores celestial discoveries and the thousands of stars that light up the skies night after night. It is a love letter to those enchanting beacons, shining so brightly into our world, but existing in another.  We begin a journey of self-discovery, embracing the light, and getting to know our shadows.  

Our Pool of a Thousand Colours earrings are hand set with an irregular slice of Amethyst with a natural, raw cut edge.  Each piece of Amethyst reflects a multitude of colours and landscapes, truly connecting the wearer to nature.

Every Carou order is carefully and professionally gift wrapped. 

Measurements: 62mm x 22mm approx.

Weight per single earring: 12 grams.

Materials: 24K gold plated brass. Amethyst, ethically mined.

Each stone is unique and irregular in shape, size and colour. This enhances the beauty and makes them unique for each wearer.  Amethyst comes in a spectrum of colours including purples, reds, greens and yellows. If you have a specific preference please email us prior to placing your order and we will try to accommodate you.  

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